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Barbados - a rum place!

sunny 35 °C

We have now arrived in Barbados and met up with Bob's sister and b-i-l, Margaret and Mick. The weather so far has been very hot, with the occasional shower - the humidity being 90+ (very sticky!!). Consequently we have had to drink lots - we know it should have been water, but the rum here is very good and very cheap!! Anyway, we need to anaesthetise ourselves so we don't feel all the mosquito bites!!!

The cricket so far has been good fun, although England managed to drag it painfully out! The Australia vs Ireland match was all over by lunchtime and we didn't manage to use all our drinks tokens - 8 per match each (we tried!!).

The evenings here don't start until 10pm and the music and dancing goes on very loudly until 3am or later!!! Still, with enough rum .....!! Can you see a pattern emerging??

We have one more week in the sun and four more cricket matches to endure - I mean enjoy, that is if England get their act together and the others don't!!

The knee is slowly improving and Jan is managing on one crutch most of the time (although with the rum 2 are necessary!!). Haven't done much sightseeing, just lazing around on the beach or by the pool on the days in between the cricket. We were thinking of doing a tour of the rum factory, but can't find the energy yet!!

It's a hard life!!!!

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Miami moments

sunny 30 °C

Having staggered off the ship (both because of the waves and the excess food and drink!) we made it back to our hotel in Coral Gables, a very pleasant suburb of Miami. We did a bit more sunbathing here and retail therapy with a visit to Dadelands Mall. They have everything in these Malls - even a wheelchair for Bob to push me around in!!

We then decided to seek a bit more action so moved our base to Downtown Miami and are now staying in the Holiday Inn opposite Bayside. This is a newly redeveloped quayside area, similar to Pier 39 in San Francisco - full of shops, restaurants, bars and cafes. We have enjoyed wandering across the road of an evening to view the nightlife - there are free performances of various types of music and a lot of people watching!

We have also ventured further on a couple of trips. We were booked to do an Everglades tour, but when we got on the bus were told this was full and we were booked for the City and Boat tour. We decided to go with the flow and enjoyed a pleasant day seeing the sights of Miami from land and sea. We did eventually get our Everglades trip two days later (Good Friday) which was exellent. Bob even got to wrestle with an alligator (well, sort of!!!).



Its now our last day in Miami so we are doing the domestic bit - washing and ironing clothes ready for Barbados and trying to find an internet cafe which will allow us to download some pictures for you all!

Hopefully we will be able to continue the blog in Barbados, but we are not sure what the internet facilities are like. However, just look at the cricket results and you will know how much we are enjoying ourselves (or not!!). Look out for us on the TV - we are on the grassy area in the Party Stand - Jan is the one with the crutches!!! Bob's sister and brother-in-law are joining us for the cricket and it will be good to have some company!

As you will see we have managed to download some pictures now and have added some more to the previous two blogs. Enjoy!!

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Cruising the seas

sunny 30 °C

This is the life!! Everything is to hand - our cabin is near the lifts (sorry - elevators!!) and we can go up to the sundeck, pool, bar and self service restaurant or down to the main restaurant and casino in seconds!! The service is excellent - every time Bob steps outside the cabin to get some ice our man is there to help!

Jan's knee is very slowly improving. It is now all the colours of the rainbow as the bruising is coming out all the way up and down her leg!! Bob is still playing nursemaid, but I think the novelty is beginning to wear off!!


We have so far docked in Costa Maya, Mexico and Grand Cayman, but did not go ashore as it would mean too much hassle with Jan. However, nearly everyone else did which meant the ship was lovely and quiet - no queues for drinks or food and plenty of sunbeds to choose from!



Friday we did venture out as we landed in Jamaica and managed to nab a wheelchair to make life easier. We were greeted by Luciano - a Jamaican taxi driver who had worked in Brixton in the 70's and who wanted to make our visit to Jamaica memorable (at a price!!). He took us to the Coyaba Gardens and then Fern Gully (where Cool Running was filmed and the Jamaican Bobsleigh Team practiced!!). He also took us to Dunns River Falls where you can walk up the falls. Needless to say this was out of the question so we had a look at all the other participants falling and slipping and then headed back to the shopping mall!


Back on board we now have one more day at sea before docking back in Miami on Sunday morning.


We intend to spend the week in Miami before heading off to Barbados and the cricket!!

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Back on the road again!

sunny 30 °C

Yes, the Bob and Jan show is now back on the road!! We set off again on Friday 23rd March for Miami, having booked a cruise from there around the Western Caribbean leaving on the Sunday afternoon.

However, having travelled for over 4 months without the sniff of a disaster, we were not prepared for what happened next!! Jan managed to throw herself off a kerb and straight onto her left knee. At first we thought it was only a slight graze and bruise and she hobbled back to the hotel to ice it up and rest!! However, as the evening wore on the knee got bigger and bigger until it was the size of a football and excruiciatingly painful!!

At that point Bob decided action was required and called for an ambulance. However, they do it differently in the States and the Fire Rescue Service turned up instead (with three hunky firemen in tow!!) as evidently they deal with the non life-threatening accidents

They were great (says Jan!!) and rushed us off to Doctors Hospital which we later learnt is one of the best orthopaedic hospitals in the US!! They were excellent and x-rays revealed no breaks, but they were worried about the extent of the swelling and internal bleeding and thought that she might have torn a ligament!! Thoughts of the cruise were disappearing rapidly out of the window!!

Jan was admitted overnight and had an MRI the next day which fortunately revealed no problems other than a traumatic haematoma made worse by the fact that we had taken aspirin for the long haul flight!! Everyone at the hospital knew about the cruise and they all worked really hard to make sure we got there!!


Bob had the task of finding somewhere to buy crutches (never knock the NHS!!) on a Saturday afternoon and eventually managed the task and the cruise was back on!!

So, here we now are, two days into the cruise and moored up on the Costa Maya in Mexico. We have decided to stay on board as Jan's knee is still not up to much walking but it has been peaceful as most of the other occupants have disembarked!!

Bob has been taking several photos of the knee for posterity and when we can get internet access to allow us to download them you will be able to see the damage in glorious technicolour!!!

The "Carnival Victory" is wonderful - we have a room with a balcony, the food, 24 hours a day, is superb although not for the waistline!! Bob however has been up to the running track and the gym for a workout! He is also having to run around and play nursemaid (no he is not dressing for the part!!) a task he does with good humour and lots of ice!!! We have (so far) managed to leave the rain behind - the weather has been glorious and we are both working on the suntan!!!


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Day 117 - the end is nigh!!!

overcast 18 °C

Well, for those of you who don't already know, we are now back in the UK, having flown back from San Francisco last Thursday!

Why you may well ask! The main reason is that we were getting so tired of travelling!! Living out of a suitcase and travelling on to a new place each day has taken its toll and both of us are exhausted (in need of a holiday!).

We thought if we carried on round the USA we would not do it justice and so we have headed home for a break of 4-5 weeks after which we can return to the States and pick up our round the world ticket again.

We are staying with Jan's Mum and Dad in Marston as our house is still let out! (We can be contacted on Bob's mobile - 07780 682123 or via email at bgreen@broad.ndo.co.uk).

So, this will be our last blog! Thank you to everyone who has stuck with us on our travels. We have been getting over 800 hits on each update which is amazing! Thank you too to all those people who have posted comments - we loved receiving these as it kept a link with all our family and friends back home.

We look forward to seeing you all over the next few weeks and will bore you rigid with our thousands of photos!!

The fat lady has sung! Goodbye and thank you from Bob and Jan XX

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